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Dorset Leadership Academy

Dorset School Games Dance Video 2019

Dorset Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering

The Grange School is the Youth Sport Trust Lead Partner School for Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering in Dorset. Led by Daniel Moody and supported by the Youth Sport Trust, Active Dorset and the Dorset SGOs, the Dorset Leadership Programme has grown over the last three years to a point now where it's a key part of the PE and school sport offer in primary, middle and secondary schools in Dorset. The programme consists of fully inclusive county wide leadership academies, sport specific leadership training, primary leadership academies for pupils in year 5 & 6, Step into Sport events and the Young Coach Academy aimed at providing level 1 and level 2 coaching qualifications for young people aged 16+. The programme offers training and deployment opportunities to over 1500 young people each year and support for schools to provide suitable leadership, coaching and volunteering pathways for all young people. For more information please contact your School Games Organiser.

Dorset Leadership Academy and Young Ambassador Conference – 12th December 2018 at Bryanston School

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy at Bryanston will provide high quality support and development for young people who would like to be actively involved in volunteering and leadership within their school and/or community. The Leadership Academy will focus on training volunteers in specific areas to become School Games Makers for the School Games Level 3 Finals. Students will be invited to be trained in the following roles – Young Team Managers, Photography Team, Film/Media Team and the Big Dance Team. The Leadership Academy will also provide training for Sport Leaders in Year 7 & 8 through the Sports Leaders UK Young Leader Award.

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Young Ambassador Conference

Young Ambassadors are the most outstanding sports leaders in schools. They can be selected due to their sporting talent, but more importantly, due to their exceptional commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers. The Young Ambassador role will form a vital link between the students and adults in each school. Their role is to increase participation and healthy active lifestyles in schools, be a role model and advocate for sporting activity and be the young peoples' voice on PE and school sport. Young Ambassadors will be the foundation of the Leadership Programme. They will also assist in creating a performance environment and culture for athletes on the day of the Level 3 School Games Finals. The Young Ambassador conference will train new silver Young Ambassadors and will be supported by existing Young Ambassadors.

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Primary Leadership Academies

The Primary Leadership Academies provide high quality support, training and development for primary age pupils. The academies train pupils in year 5 & 6 to become Bronze Young Ambassadors and develop and grow young people as leaders and volunteers. As a result of the Primary Leadership Academies last year, we now have nearly 600 new Bronze Ambassadors in Dorset carrying out various roles back in their schools. Bronze Young Ambassadors operate in their own school as ambassadors and role models advocating PE and school sport. They are the young people's voice on PE and school sport in their school and work to increase participation and healthy active lifestyles. The Primary Leadership Academies are delivered by the Dorset School Games Organisers and Young Ambassadors from secondary schools around the county.

Sport Specific Leadership Training

The School Games in Dorset in run by young people for young people. To ensure a high standard of officiating at the Level 3 School Games Finals, we have put in place a sports specific training programme for sports leaders who will be organising and officiating at Level 3 competitions. Secondary schools can volunteer to provide leaders for a specific sport. Each of these schools will then work with the National Governing Body for their allocated sport to arrange the delivery of official leadership qualifications for their sports leaders. The aim is to have qualified sports leaders and officials for every sport in the Level 3 School Games Finals. The programme will result in more than 350 sport specific leaders being trained throughout the year.

Step into Sport

The purpose of this event is to further develop leadership skills in young people and inspire them to volunteer in sport, with a focus on making sport inclusive for all. The sessions will be led by the Victoria School, who are the Dorset Project Ability School. The aim will be to develop the communication and organisation skills of the young leaders, whilst raising awareness of the opportunities available to them. Following this event there will be an opportunity to lead disability sports at the Dorset School Games Final at Bryanston School in the summer.

Dorset Young Coach Academy

The Dorset Young Coach Academy aims to provide an opportunity for 30 young people Aged 14 – 19 to gain greater insight into the requirements of being an 'Outstanding' Coach in a sport of their choice. The Academy aims to be the pinnacle of opportunity for Young Coaches within the County. In addition to a number of compulsory sessions, there will be a personalised 'mentoring' system allowing the young people to learn from established coaches in Dorset clubs. Students will be supported in achieving the minimum standards for deployment for coaches in Dorset, and will also have the opportunity to attend sessions delivered by expert practitioners in the world of sports coaching and sports science.

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