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An active workforce is good for business

Research shows that teams who are active at work are not only happier and healthier, but also more productive and efficient. Physical activity can actually increase your focus and concentration by releasing hormones that stimulate the growth of brain cells and neural connections, as well as increasing the size of the hippocampus area of the brain which is responsible for memory and cognitive function.

Not only that – active employees are more able to cope with stress than their less active colleagues, and are less likely to suffer from major health problems, take sickness leave or to have an accident at work. Employees who incorporate physical activity into their working day have reported greater enjoyment of their work and improved co-operation and rapport with colleagues, which in turn helps managers to retain quality staff in their teams.

Creating an active work environment can transform productivity, wellbeing and morale.

Active Workplaces

Through our Active Workplaces programme, we want to help change the culture in workplaces throughout Dorset so that being an active workplace becomes 'business as usual' and employers encourage their employees to move more.

We offer free support and guidance to NHS, schools and local authority organisations in Dorset, including a comprehensive Active Workplaces Toolkit, regular newsletters, free training, as well as bespoke support from our Workplace Health and Physical Activity Officer.

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If you need any support for your organisation in being active at work, get in touch with our Workplace Health and Physical Activity Officer or sign up for our Active Workplaces newsletter.

Katie Davies

Health and Physical Activity Officer

For any enquiries relating to being active at work, please contact Katie Davies.

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