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Resources and training to support healthcare professionals and those working with pregnant and post-natal individuals to have conversations about physical activity as part of routine appointments and clinical care.

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Being active during pregnancy and after childbirth brings with it a host of physical and mental benefits, including a reduction in the risk of developing gestational diabetes, a reduction in depression, improved emotional wellbeing and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight in the postpartum period.

Being physically active during pregnancy is safe. In fact, the more active and fit a woman is during pregnancy, the easier it will be for her to adapt to her changing shape pre and post pregnancy. There is also evidence to show that active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and will be better able to cope with the physical demands of labour.

We know that women frequently come into contact with a range of professionals during pregnancy and following childbirth, but research has shown that there is a lack of clear and consistent physical activity information which often lead to women stopping activity completely, which will go on to influence the activity levels of their children.

To normalise an active lifestyle throughout motherhood, we recognise that everyone has an opportunity to promote physical activity.

We believe in a whole systems approach based on clear and consistent evidence-based messages shared by all professionals so that pregnant and postnatal women feel reassured and empowered to make informed physical activity choices.

We are keen to connect with any healthcare professionals working with antenatal and postnatal patients in Dorset to discuss how we could provide additional support about physical activity, particularly for inequality groups and diverse communities. This might include producing additional resources, delivering training and supporting signposting to local opportunities.

Katie Davies

Health and Physical Activity Officer

For any enquiries relating to being active at work, please contact Katie Davies.

07514 622170

Please Note - Where referring to 'women' and 'mothers', this should be taken to include people who do not identify as women but who are pregnant.

Similarly, where the term 'parents' is used, this should be taken to include anyone who has main responsibility for caring for a baby.

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