Members of the Active Dorset team share how they choose to keep active

Annie Hargreaves

Annie Hargreaves

In January, I joined in with the run every day 'RED January' challenge and loved it. So then in February, I decided I wanted to do something every day again, but just a different something! At the time, we were discussing skipping in work which prompted me to choose to skip every day. You'd think it would be easy to pick up a rope and just skip a basic skip, but my attempts were comical at first!

My youngest son and I decided to do the daily skipping challenge together, and now we're both hooked! The kinds of skipping challenges we'll attempt now have moved on from the basic skip, and his skipping skills definitely put mine to shame! However, we both love it. Skipping ropes are cheap and cheerful to purchase, and skipping takes up only a little space in as much time as you have to give to it! When I started this as my daily challenge in February, I had no idea I would still be skipping in June!

Have a go at some fo the Dorset School Games skipping challenges here!

Georgie Messenger

Georgie Messenger

I find walking really relaxing and great for reaching my daily step count up!

I enjoy going for a walks to some of the Dorset's beautiful parks and beaches, my favourite walking spot is Shell Bay to Knoll Beach, a walk I try to do regularly. Walking for leisure a great way to relax, get some fresh air and also catch up with friends and family along the way.

At Active Dorset an active working day is encouraged, so we also try to incorporate walking meetings to break up our screen time, and to move more and sit less! For ideas to keep active at work, visit our website.

Find your nearest health walk on the Walking for Health walk finder.

Katie Davies

Katie Davies

I have pretty much always owned a bike throughout my whole life, but I've definitely never thought of myself as an avid cyclist.

Growing up I used my bike as a form of transport to meet up with friends. The bikes I owned had always been gents mountain bikes, but after hiring a ladies bike some years ago, I discovered I much preferred the more comfortable riding position. So bought this pretty bike that wasn't great at going off-road, and to be honest, I still just used it occasionally to cycle to a nearby pub or restaurant.

Then in Lockdown 1, my husband and I started riding around our local area. Because we couldn't drive anywhere, we started discovering more places we could get to from our doorstop that I had never been to before, as well as new ways to get to places that kept us away from the busy main roads.

And that's when I really started to enjoy cycling, - because I told myself I didn't have to be as fast as everyone else. I wasn't cycling specifically with exercise in mind, but for recreation. For fun. Which for me meant finding my ideal pace – when I stopped trying to 'keep up', life got a lot more fun!

If you are thinking about getting back in the saddle, why not take a look at our playlist of helpful videos on our YouTube channel, or visit Cycling UK and Love to Ride websites for lots of useful tips and resources.

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