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Talent Inspiration Programme

The Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP) will bring together 200 young aspiring athletes and 75 up and coming team managers from across the country to participate in a 3 day residential learning experience in September 2017.

Lead by Athlete Mentors, experienced Team Managers and facilitators who will bring to life the world of an elite athlete and team manager and the journey it takes to reach the top, young people will have the opportunity to get involved in theoretical workshops, practical sessions and the opportunity to experience what it is like at a multi-sport event.

All are designed to engage and inspire young aspiring athletes and team managers to encourage them to start thinking about how they can reach their potential and the impact that will have on their development as a young person.

TIP is a dynamic learning opportunity which will help to highlight the pathways available and support required for young aspiring athletes and team managers at a local level.

When is the next TIP being held?

September 2017

Which Pupils can be a part of the TIP?

Any aspiring athletes and team managers that fit the criteria below:

Athletes Criteria:

  • Age - Current Year 8-10 (when attending TIP in September 2017 they will be in years 9-11). For disabled young athletes the age range is Year 8-12 (when attending TIP in September 2017 Year 9-13)
  • School Games - Nominated athlete must have competed at either Level 1, 2 or 3 of the School Games but this does NOT have to be in the sport they have exceptional talent in.
  • Level of ability - Currently participating at county or regional level but not currently part of a National Governing Body (NGB) talent pathway or playing at national standard.
  • Attend a school registered to the School Games.
  • Demonstrate outstanding sporting potential in one or more sports.

With the ability to show these skills or potential:

  • Positive leadership qualities and a positive attitude to improving themselves and their sporting performance
  • Confidence in communicating with peers and adults and able to share their experiences of the programme when returning to school
  • Proactive and motivated. Keen to develop, learn from others and try new activities
  • Ability to work well in a team; respecting the contributions of others and able to share their own ideas and opinions

Team Managers Criteria:

  • Age - Year 8-10 (when attend the TIP in September 2017 year 9-11). For disabled young people the age range is Year 8-12 (when attending TIP in September 2017 Year 9-13)
  • School Games - Nominated young people must be actively involved as a team manager at either Level 2 or 3 of the School Games or within community sport. Attend a school registered to the School Games.

Ability to show these skills or potential to demonstrate:

  • Willingness to learn new skills and has a commitment to self-development
  • Ability to motivate and inspire others and is an excellent role model
  • Ability to apply knowledge learnt through previous training to be a more effective Team Manager
  • Ability to work as part of a team to drive a great athlete experience for all athletes in their team
  • An ongoing commitment to supporting school or community sport

There is also a session for parents to showcase what has happened at the programme and to explore the role parents play in the development of young athletes and team managers.

How do Young People get to be Part of the TIP?

We need Middle and Secondary teachers to nominate the pupils they think would benefit from this excellent opportunity. Please give your nominations to your School Games Organiser who will be able to provide you with a nomination form which they will send to their respective county Local Organising Committee (LOC). Nominations can come in at any time from September 2016.

A selection process will take place in May to put forward 1 Male, 1 Female and one young disabled person as athletes and 3 male and 3 female young team managers (of which 1 should be a young disabled person)

If you need any more information regarding the TIP please contact your School Games Organiser:

Sarah Dunsford - sarah.dunsford@avonbournetrust.org

Christchurch & Isle of Purbeck
Dan Moody - daniel.moody@thegrangeschool.com

East Dorset
Katrina Cole - katrina.ssco@btinternet.com

North Dorset
Nico Stone - nstone@gillingham-dorset.co.uk

Sam Cox - coxs@carter.poole.sch.uk

West Dorset
Nadia Kusminoff - kusminoffn@weyvalley.dorset.sch.uk

This is an excellent opportunity for young people from your school to gain a once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you for helping them.