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Dorset PE & School Sport Conference 2017

Behaviour Change for a Healthy and Productive Lifestyle

Friday 29th September 2017
QE School, Wimborne

At a time of political change, all government parties are aware of inactivity within the population which is having an impact on obesity and mental health. The Dorset PE and School Sport Conference 2017 explored the different mindsets which young people and teachers may have about physical activity, and how this relates to their current lifestyles.

The main focus was how to move towards a positive, more active lifestyle through behaviour change. The workshops offered inspirational ideas for teachers to support pupils' to have a healthier outlook and commit to change.

Feeling physically fit with positive mental well-being will provide better-coping strategies for daily life and improve pupil outcomes for the future.

Keynote Presentations

Primary Focus Presentations

Secondary Focus Presentations