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Satellite Clubs are local opportunities to take part in sport or physical activity, specifically focusing on providing positive experiences to embed regular activity habits among young people. A Satellite Club must demonstrate that once established, it can be sustainable and continue to offer regular forms of physical activity. Alternatively, it could run for a set period of time with clear exit routes signposted throughout for participants to carry on exercising at another locally run club or activity.

Here in Dorset, our re-designed programme ensures that any new Satellite Club must specifically target 14-19 year olds in areas of high deprivation and work towards promoting mental health awareness and under-represented groups in society.

What does our programme look like?

Core principles

  • New satellite club delivery should be focused on young people aged 14-19.
  • Target under-represented groups in society (Females, Ethnic Minorities, Disabled, Religious Groups, Minority Groups)
  • Activity provided through satellite clubs should be aligned to achieving the Chief Medical Officers recommendation of delivering moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity.
  • Positioned to be able to support young people at points of disruption in their lives.
  • Designed to get young people active and create regular activity habits.
  • Be young people (customer) led including involving young people in decisions and design.
  • Be linked to or developed into a regular sport and / or physical activity opportunity.
  • Appropriate safeguarding standards must be in place.

Your Satellite Club Journey

Hear from some of our participants..

How to get involved?

We are now looking to work with various partners, both existing and new, who work with young people aged 14-19 in areas of deprivation across the county. In doing so we hope to establish a network of Satellite Clubs which target hard to reach individuals across Dorset. Each club should be shaped by young people and be designed around at least one of our three target areas.

If you are interested in setting up a Satellite Club or know an organisation that would be perfect for the programme, please get in contact.

Gary Head

Operations Manager

Active Dorset

Active Dorset CSPAP
Bournemouth Learning Centre
Slades Farm
Ensbury Avenue
BH10 4HG
01202 458 889

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