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The 'Our School Can' Campaign

The 'Our School Can' campaign is free, new and exclusive to Dorset schools!

It has been launched by Active Dorset to showcase the important contributions that physical activity, PE and school sport can make to improve the enjoyment, health and well-being of young people's lives in Dorset.

We warmly invite all schools to join the campaign and...

  • Make a pledge!
  • Inspire active futures in your school!
  • Inspire other schools with your ideas!

Inspiring active futures is what 'Our School Can' is all about, so start today and create your Pledge!

Listed below there are 5 simple steps to follow to begin your journey.

Best of luck!

5 Steps to create your 'Our School Can’ pledge for 2018-19

1. Consider how you can influence new healthy, active choices for the children, young people and colleagues in your school.

2. Be inspired by your school community and influence positive changes. For example:

  • Increase whole school activity during the school day with a Daily or Golden Mile!
  • Promote Active Travel by encouraging walking, scooting and cycling more to school
  • Introduce more Active Curriculums!
  • Consider new ways to entice children and young people to be active in your school playgrounds and open spaces!
  • Introduce Change 4 Life club!

3. Unite together to create a unique 'Our School Can Pledge' for your school in 50-80 words.

4. Post your pledge on your school website and invite your school community to follow the journey! To do this, simply scroll below to download a copy of the Pledge Card.

5. Inspire other schools by submitting a copy of your Pledge Card to Active Dorset. Please get in touch by:

  • E-mail - info@activedorset.org
  • Twitter - @active_dorset
  • Facebook - activedorset
  • Instagram: @activedorset

On social media please share using #OurPledge

To make your pledge, click here!

Pledge On-line

Pledge Promotion

Raise the profile of your Pledge

Thinking of having an official launch for your pledge? If so, you're very welcome to:

  1. Use the Logo - If you'd like to use the official 'Our School Can' logo to promote the campaign in your school, then simply get in touch! It's ideal for school letterheads and certificates.
  2. Book and Borrow - We have promotional banners and flags which are free for you to book and borrow for an assembly. All banners and flags are appropriate for indoor use.
  3. Arrange a Visit - If you would like us to send a member of our team to visit your school and support an assembly, do get in touch.

Needing more inspiration?


  • A Pledge Gallery to search for ideas from schools in Dorset, to inspire you!
  • Our School Can Awards to celebrate the impact which an individual pledge has had on a particular target group, or across the whole school.