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#Moving Can

"If the effects of exercise could be bottled, it would be the medicine of the century"

This August we are supporting Get Berkshire Active with their #MovingCan campaign. Each day in August we will promote a different benefit of physical activity on our social media pages.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MovingCan

We would love to know what physical activity you like to take part in, so please share stories and pictures of your physical activity during August with us on our Facebook & Twitter profiles - Remember to use #MovingCan

Looking to try a new activity in Dorset?

Take a look at the activity finders below:

Active Dorset: www.activedorset.org/activity-finder

LiveWell Dorset: www.livewelldorset.co.uk/find-activities-and-classes-near-you/

We are supporting this campaign alongside our local partners:

Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

LiveWell Dorset

LiveWell Dorset

LiveWell Dorset is here for your health and wellbeing. We are a free service provided by your council. Get in touch today to access your free advice and coaching.