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Living Well and Active in Dorset

Living Well and Active in Dorset

Dorset has received significant external investment from Sport England for our Living Well and Active in Dorset programme. This reflects a huge vote of confidence for our whole system change approach to lifelong activity, health and well-being in Dorset. The project is currently in the development phase, with the full programme due to launch in Spring 2018, further details will be available shortly.

Over the next 3 years, we will work closely with Public Health Dorset, Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, Local Government, Bournemouth University and many other partners to embed into systems across the County opportunities and support for people to become more active. Although the work is targeted at people aged 55 and over our work will put opportunities in place for all our community. We aim to see that being active is the norm in our County.

Living Well and Active in Dorset is a multi-agency partnership that will target people aged 55 to 65 as they reach significant moments in their lives, such as retirement. This age group are at a life stage when they are most likely to be receptive to changing their behaviour and becoming more active when they are in certain situations.

The project will focus on engaging with people who:

  • are receiving advice from a health professional
  • are working in the public sector and receiving pre-retirement support
  • can become active in conjunction with their already active children or grandchildren, for example on the school run

Martin Kimberley, Chief Executive at Active Dorset stated: "Active Dorset are delighted to have been selected from over 700 organisations nationally to receive investment from Sport England focussed on supporting 55 to 65-year olds to be more active. The project is very much a partnership with Public Health Dorset and the Dorset Clinical Commissioning group central to its overall success but also all local authorities and many other public services.

A key component of our approach will be to facilitate local people to lead and design the activities making sure we remove barriers, whether perceived or real and highlight opportunities from the numerous systems and services that Dorset residents interact with. We will build on the behaviour change service, Livewell Dorset, supporting this as it enters its next phase. Although we will focus on a particular age range we are ensuring that all our work will provide learning and opportunities for the wider population."

Active Dorset is seeking a cultural shift within the county so that activity will be seen as the norm.