I promise to Play Their Way #PlayTheirWayPromise

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I promise to Play Their Way #PlayTheirWayPromise

Posted: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 09:09

I promise to Play Their Way #PlayTheirWayPromise

Play Their Way is a grassroots coaching movement led by the Children's Coaching Collaborative which aims to kick-start a movement of child-first coaches, organisations and people changing the game from the ground up.

Sport England's Active Lives Survey (2021-22) states that only 47% of children who regularly exercise strongly agree that they enjoy taking part in sport and physical activity. If most of our children aren't enjoying it, it means millions are being put off sport, physical activity, and movement for life.

The movement supports organisations, coaches, and deliverers to give children and young people a choice in their experiences of activities, creating a space for them to voice their wishes and empowering them to take ownership of their development journey.

Child-first coaching is evidence informed approach that prioritises the fundamental rights of all children and young people in sport and activity, regardless of their age, gender, background or ability. There are three key ingredients of this approach which reflect the rights of children and young people to be heard, to play and to develop. Play Their Way will provide the support and resources need to achieve the shared vision of increasing the activity levels of children and young people and give more of them a positive experience of sport, physical activity, and movement;

Join the Movement – Connect with a child-first coaching community and uplift children and young people's voice, choice and journey in sport and physical activity.

Build the Movement – Shape the building blocks of child-first coaching and champion the movement with other coaches, organisations, and networks.

Be the Movement – Become a trailblazer for child-first coaching in your organisation and beyond, get the movement in front of decision-makers and create lasting change

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