#MyTimeMySpaceMyPace is launching to raise awareness of the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on women’s mental and physical health

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#MyTimeMySpaceMyPace is launching to raise awareness of the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on women’s mental and physical health

Posted: Fri, 08 Jul 2022 10:31

#MyTimeMySpaceMyPace is launching to raise awareness of the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on women’s mental and physical health

This Mum Runs (TMR) is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on women's physical and mental health. #MyTimeMySpaceMyPace is a call to arms for women to reflect on all they've lived through and the impact the pandemic has had on their lives. Through this campaign TMR want to empower women everywhere to claim back time for themselves, to create new habits and to start to move more - for the sake of their health and their happiness.

Living through this pandemic over the past two years has had a huge impact on women's health. And with the additional pressures of home-schooling and caring responsibilities, mums have been hit hardest, with exercise and physical activity immediately taking a back seat at a time when it was needed most.

"I feel like there is now just less of me to go around; the minutiae of daily life is so much more complex than pre-pandemic, and I'm the first thing that I chuck to the bottom of the pile as frankly, I'm exhausted."

A recent survey ('Covid: 2 Years On') conducted by This Mum Runs found that 83% of women have seen a negative impact on their mental health due to the pandemic. 55% said the pandemic has had a negative impact on their physical health. 51% said they have lost their sense of wellbeing and 83% said that the effects of the pandemic are still being carried with them today.

Exhaustion, anxiety, loneliness, serious health issues, fears for their own children's mental health as well as their own are all being reported. And the reality now is that for many women, re-building pre-pandemic habits feels incredibly challenging. There is an appetite for change, but many simply don't have the energy and motivation - or even know where to start.

"The This Mum Runs community has got me exercising again and getting a bit of me time which even before the pandemic I didn't do."

With the launch of #MyTimeMySpaceMyPace, This Mum Runs will be focussing on the role that regular exercise can play in helping us to recover, to rebuild our physical and mental wellbeing. 71% of the This Mum Runs Community have said that This Mum Runs has had a positive impact on their mental health during the pandemic. Community, connection and encouragement are at the heart of everything they do and they know we can have a positive impact on women's lives as we recover from the physical and mental impact brought on by the pandemic.

"I am a front line mental health nurse manager, the pandemic had a significant effect on my own mental health, I found myself crippled with anxiety and low mood - I started running by myself as a way of escaping my thoughts, to give me some time by myself away - it also helped me recognise my warning signs that I needed to do something for me - I continue to run not just for my mental health but for my physical health which has improved since increasing my physical activity - I never thought I was good enough to join a group until I joined TMR - this has impacted positively on my general wellbeing."

This campaign is a chance for women to share challenges and celebrate achievements, and to shine a light on the stories of women's lives to help inspire others.

TMR want women to join us by sharing their stories of the pandemic and their journeys back to health and happiness. Connect with TMR on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter using the #MyTimeMySpaceMyPace hashtag.

For more information and stories of the campaign, please visit:

W: www.mytimemyspacemypace.co.uk

Together we can help women feel healthier and happier by taking some time for themselves, moving more in a pressure free environment, and creating connections with like-minded women. #MyTimeMySpaceMyPace

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