BCP and Dorset Physical Activity Strategy Update

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BCP and Dorset Physical Activity Strategy Update

Posted: Mon, 10 May 2021 16:42

BCP and Dorset Physical Activity Strategy Update

Following completion of the discovery phase (phase 2) in March, we are now well into phase 3 'building the strategy' to create a Physical Activity Strategy for BCP and Dorset.

Outcomes of Phase 2

During March, two 2 hour workshops took place with a range of stakeholders and the online conversation saw over 120 interactions. If you missed the online conversation, you can continue to share your views and knowledge with us, up until the end of May, simply click here to join in. This engagement and insight from both stakeholder workshops and the online conversation helped us to produce a 'systems map' and a set of priorities for action, to tackle inactivity and create a culture where sitting less and moving more is the easier for everyone.

Phase 3 progress

The systems map shows us how the barriers to being active and the drivers of inactivity, influence behaviour and the impact on wellbeing, services and systems in BCP and Dorset. The system map does not give us all the answers, it's simply a tool for us to collectively understand what are the barriers preventing us all from moving more and where should we focus our efforts to change things that would make the most difference to activity levels.

The map and our ongoing conversations with system partners will help us to understand who the key system actors are, who controls decisions and who can make change. The map and list of priorities for action give us clarity over what we can change and the possible points of leverage where we can make significant impact on changing behaviour patterns.

An early finding from phases 2 and 3 was that the language we use, when we talk about physical activity is really important. When we think and talk about physical activity we all commonly think of, or use the terms; sport, exercise and physical activity. We need to start to change the language we use, away from these words, to words that better describe the change we want to make. In the future we need to increasingly use the terms physical activity, movement, moving more and sitting less.

Language is important. The language we all choose to use makes what we are talking about meaningful to people. It can make our message resonate or mean our message is lost completely. The words we use either engage our target audience 'this is for someone like me', or turn people off completely. The language we use can empower people to take action; to make changes, it can make moving more and sitting less seem achievable or 'something that's not possible for me'. Language and reframing our message will be a big part of the strategy for physical activity in Dorset.

What next?

During May we will be sharing the system map and priorities for action with wider groups of stakeholders and those we've not yet managed to engage through the process. We'll be adding the system map and priorities for actions to our website once phase 3 is completed towards the end of May. Phase 4 'making it happen' starts in June.

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