Pan-Dorset School Games and Leadership Academy 2021

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Pan-Dorset School Games and Leadership Academy 2021

Posted: Wed, 03 Feb 2021 11:58

Pan-Dorset School Games and Leadership Academy 2021

By participating in Dorset School Games and Leadership Academy activities, children and young people will experience opportunities to improve their self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork, resilience, togetherness, and a sense of belonging. As vulnerable children often lack resilience and the ability to sustain long-term engagement in an activity, the Games strives programme strives to ensure that engagement in activities are sustainable for all children, including disadvantaged and SEN children.

School Games Update:

Our team of School Games Organisers have been working tirelessly to create a series of brand new 'Virtual Competitions' available for all students to take part in, to help them remain active and to continue competing in personal challenges this year. To help, Active Dorset has purchased software called Koboca to ease the delivery of the 2021 virtual competitions and events and is free for all Dorset Schools to use. To engage in these competitions, schools simply need to sign up to the Koboca site here using the discount code ACTIVE DORSET. Once registered, schools can use the site to submit data for county or inter-school events, along with their own school-based events.

Leadership Academy (LA) Update: The LA is key to the recovery curriculum - supporting inclusion, building confidence and social skills for CYP. Prior to the pandemic, the Primary LA (PLA) would typically reach 130 primary schools pan-Dorset. This year, 85 primaries have engaged in the PLA so far. Due to Covid-19, delivery of the PLA to class bubbles means that more children than normal have had exposure to leadership skills than in previous years. A Secondary LA (SLA) working group has been established for 2020-21, to help create a series of digital workshops/electronic resources for colleagues to tap into during the spring and summer terms. These are due to be released imminently.

Inclusion Update: A SENDWebinar recording has been created for schools, to raise the awareness of free resources which adults working with SEND CYP can access. Please click here for a copy of the recording and here for the power point slides. The recording passcode is: &9*zHQ#7

Links to three key resources mentioned in the webinar, are listed below:

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