Coming Soon – The Physical Activity Strategy Online Conversation

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Coming Soon – The Physical Activity Strategy Online Conversation

Posted: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 16:45

Coming Soon – The Physical Activity Strategy Online Conversation

Working with our two health and wellbeing boards Active Dorset and Public Health Dorset want to work with you to build a strategic approach to supporting more people to be more active across BCP and Dorset.

The last year has shown that being active, to support both our physical and mental wellbeing, has never been more important. We know that lots of people in Dorset find it a challenge to make physical activity part of everyday life and move enough to benefit their physical and mental health. We understand that 'sitting more & moving less' is often not something we choose but instead a result of a complex system made up of people, places services, and cultures that combine to discourages us all from moving. We want to work together to change that.

Developing the strategy will help us understand what changes we need to make to the system, prioritising those that can have the most impact. Promoting a culture where moving more and being active as part of daily life needs to be 'business as usual' for everyone. At the heart of this is a desire to make it easy for all of us, especially those facing inequalities, to move more, giving us a greater chance to live more years in better health. Instead of creating a document that sits on a dusty shelf we want to bring the strategy to life by creating a movement for movement in Dorset. The strategy will be the start of bringing key people together to make real life changes to how our systems encourage, or inhibit, people from moving more as part of their daily lives.

More detail on our planned approach to developing the strategy can be found here. We are now in the discovery phase - collecting your views and expertise. Nearer Spring we will be running online workshops with key stakeholders who can influence how our systems, services and communities can enable physical activity.

Very soon we will launch our online conversation which forms part of the discovery phase. We want this to be an open conversation with you and indeed anyone who has an interest or ability to change things for the better, creating a movement for movement in Dorset. Look out for an email from us launching the online conversation on Friday 22nd January. Sign up to receive newsletters from Active Dorset here.

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