Sport England share research on the impact of lockdown on Children & Young People

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Sport England share research on the impact of lockdown on Children & Young People

Posted: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 12:05

Sport England share research on the impact of lockdown on Children & Young People

Jayne Molyneaux, Director of Children and Young People in Sport England shares the following insight about the research:

"This report enhances our understanding of how hard it has been for the majority of children and young people to be active during the lockdown. It also serves us with a stark reminder, that we must take-action collectively if we are to reverse the decline in activity levels highlighted in this report and address the inequalities faced by some groups of children and young people in England. We need to ensure all young people have the space, or a place, to be active - whether that be dedicated sports facilities, community spaces or parks and playgrounds.

Given the increased pressure on schools to make space for social distancing, we hope schools set aside the space for physical activity and dedicate time for children and young people to take part in Physical Education, school sport, physical activity and play. Equally, we need to recognise that some children and young people will be anxious about returning to sport or activity, so we must reassure them by making sessions safe and enjoyable.

There is an opportunity to learn from some of the more promising developments in these findings. We see some children enjoying being active more than usual, getting active with their family and many parents and carers making a positive difference to how often their children take part. Together, let's take this report and build on the green shoots we see, to ensure that all children and young people are able to enjoy the benefits that come from being active."

Key Statistics

  • 31% were less active than usual, 13% more active.
  • 'Active' children dropped from 46.8% pre Covid-19 to 19% in lockdown.
  • Just 19% of children under 16 were doing an hour or more (meeting CMO guidelines) of physical activity on a typical day.
  • 'Less active' children rose from 29% to 43%.
  • Around 43% of children under the age of 16 were reported to have been doing less than half an hour of physical activity a day".
  • Most worryingly, 1 in 14 (7%) of children and young people were doing nothing at all to stay active in lockdown.
  • Children from less affluent families are more likely to have done nothing (13%) compared to those from more affluent backgrounds (6%).
  • Children from a BAME background are twice as likely to say they're doing nothing to stay active than children from a white background (12% v 6%).

Source: Children's experience of physical activity in lockdown produced by Sport England in July 2020

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