National partner updates for the Education Sector

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National partner updates for the Education Sector

Posted: Mon, 05 Oct 2020 15:08

National partner updates for the Education Sector

1. afPE

Latest Covid-19 Statement and Guidance for Physical Education

afPE is aware that the recent guidance from has raised many questions for Senior Leaders and Physical Education (P)E workforce colleagues. It is understandable that with the range of guidance, the regularity of updates and the different settings for PE, school sport and physical activity that there may be difficulty with keeping up to date. Please click here to download the latest statement, released in September 2020.

afPE has interpreted the Government's guidance for schools to support the workforce and ensure the safe teaching of PE and extra-curricular activities during the pandemic and across the academic year.

Newly Updated COVID-19 FAQs

To help support the teaching workforce, afPE has collated some of the frequently asked questions(FAQs) which their Health & Safety Team has provided answers for. The document aims to support colleagues when teaching children and young people. Topics covered include swimming, indoor PE lessons, changing for swimming lessons, changing for PE lessons, fixtures and contact within lessons. Click here to download the FAQs.

2. Swim England

Returning to Pools Guidance Documents

Swim England has published its comprehensive Return to Pools Guidance. Seven detailed documents have been created and are based on the latest scientific advice and Government guidelines. The guidance includes robust recommendations for clubs, community swimming, school swimming, swimming lessons, users, and specific details for the return to competitive training and matches for water polo.

3. YST

Well School Movement

The YST would like to work with schools to help shape Well Schools. The purpose of the movement is to support schools to drive improvements in wellbeing for all teachers, senior leaders, and young people by placing wellbeing at the very heart of schools. It isn't a programme, quality mark or intervention, it's a movement to drive change, share challenges and solutions and help us navigate all of the support that is already available.

Covid-19 Resources to Support Schools

The YST have a dedicated page to support schools in the response to Covid-19. There are lots of home, early years, primary, special, and secondary school resources, including some year 6/7 transition cards focused on social connection as well as advice and guidance for schools re-starting PE and physical activity. These resources includes principles, ideas and tips for teaching PE, for delivering school sport and for adding to the enrichment framework.

The safe return of school sport - a framework and planning tool

To support colleagues with their recovery curriculum during the pandemic, the YST has worked collaboratively to develop a framework and planning tool which can help those who are providers of physical activity and multi-sport competition programmes locally in the education environment. The tool poses questions and provides principles to ensure that the provision of physical activity and sporting opportunities supports the most vulnerable, helps students re-socialise and to re-build their physical, social, and emotional confidence. A copy of the document can be found here There is also a webinar available which explains the framework and planning tool in more detail, you can watch it here.

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