Sign up to be part of the South West Mental Health & Physical Activity Hub

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Sign up to be part of the South West Mental Health & Physical Activity Hub

Posted: Wed, 06 May 2020 14:00

Sign up to be part of the South West Mental Health & Physical Activity Hub

Active Dorset was recently successful in the application to coordinate the regional Mind hub for the south west. This was an opportunity to receive funding and support from Mind's Physical Activity team to become a Hub and be responsible for a Regional Network of sport, physical activity and mental health organisations. This opportunity is part of Mind's Physical Activity Sector Support and Get Set to Go programme and is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery.

Aim of the South West Hub

The aim of the hub is to bring together mental health and physical activity organisations across the south west to network, share best practice and updates, and increase collaboration/partnership working. This will help to increase the number of organisations in the regions who are able to support and engage people with mental health problems in being active.

We understand that many organisations may have different priorities and added pressures at this time. However, we believe a great way to begin the creation of a regional network would be to discuss how we can support better mental health through physical activity by looking at what we can do to improve and develop the support available online.

If you think you would like to find out more please complete this very short survey. No firm commitment is necessary, at this stage we'd just like to know who's out there and who would be interested in knowing more.

Our plan

We'd like to develop two distinct components of the hub, which will help us coordinate the South West Network and ensure as many organisations can be involved as possible.

1) A South West MH&PA network

  • The network will consist of anyone who is interested in networking with colleagues working in both mental health or physical activity across the South West
  • The purpose of the network will be to share best practice, learn about opportunities and challenges, share training opportunities, and develop a strong connection between mental health organisations and physical activity organisations.
  • We will host a series of wider networking events between May 2020 and March 2021 (and hopefully beyond this period should they be successful). These are very likely to be hosted virtually, using Zoom or similar.
  • The network will stay connected between networking events through the use of a social media forum (possibly slack)
  • Members of the advisory panel will share information, news and best practices within their local area and provide feedback to the advisory panel from their local area

2) A South West MH&PA Advisory Panel

  • this will be a smaller group of between 10 and 15 people. We will aim for geographical spread across the region.
  • The panel will be responsible for steering the work of the network, helping to define its purpose and what's needed
  • The panel members will also be responsible for two way communication flow from their geographical areas to the wider South West MH&PA network, aiming to;

1) collect and share examples of good practice from their local area, any challenges and opportunities to inform the advisory panel

2) share information, learning and opportunities back to members of the wider network in their geographical area, helping local organisations in their area develop collaborative relationships.

If you have any enquires regarding the hub, please contact Malindi Bailey:

E: | T: 07927 551466

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