Take Twelve: Your invitation to a twelve-week transformation

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Take Twelve: Your invitation to a twelve-week transformation

Posted: Fri, 01 Feb 2019 12:05

Take Twelve: Your invitation to a twelve-week transformation

Take Twelve: Your invitation to a twelve-week transformation.

What's your healthy living goal? Your target weight? Your stop-smoke dream? Do you want to drink less alcohol? Or achieve a fitness goal? Fill in your blank ___.

We challenge you to take hold of that goal. Together, with Our LiveWell community, we'll cheer you on all the way. Take control of your healthy living.

Set a new year's resolution?

Switch it for a twelve-week resolution. Commit to your healthy living goal, gather your LiveWell support team: set yourself up for success.

We know that making a change is hard. Yet it's possible when we take lots of small steps. Take Twelve weeks of small steps and you'll be amazed by the difference you'll see and feel. By committing to a specific twelve-week goal with the support of others, you can overcome your barriers to change: your Take Twelve transformation.

Daily, we hear stories of our clients overcoming mountains to achieve their goals. In less than 12 weeks, Owenpicked up a regular running habit through couch to 5k; Lynette and Maureenquit smoking; Vikki and Richardlost over one and a half stone in weight.

Make this your story too.

Join Dorset's healthy living challenge.

Join thousands of Dorset residents committed to conquering unhealthy habits. Starting on the 1stof March, our Take Twelve community will embark on a journey to healthy living – don't miss the boat.

RSVP and receive community support, LiveWell tools, advice, as well as top tips and expert support. Coaches, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists will share information to guide you on your path to LiveWell.

RSVP to take your next step.

RSVP: livewelldorset.co.uk/take-twelve

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