New tool to empower Dorset to get healthy

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New tool to empower Dorset to get healthy

Posted: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 13:55

New tool to empower Dorset to get healthy

Have you ever tried to lose weight, get active, drink less alcohol or quit smoking? It's tough isn't it? Seven in ten of us have two or more unhealthy habits. Two thirds of us are trying to lose weight most of the time. You are not alone!

But there is hope!

More than 20,000 people in Dorset have received LiveWell Dorset's support to make a lifestyle change. As celebrating these stories, LiveWell are inviting you to create your own healthy living profile in their new online resource, My LiveWell.

Ivan's Story

Department Manager Ivan got in touch with LiveWell last year. He'd received a text inviting him to attend an NHS Health Check at his local surgery. The nurse highlighted the importance of him losing weight and reducing his blood pressure. She passed him a LiveWell contact card, but he didn't have high hopes of it achieving anything. He tried them out anyhow and didn't regret it! This is his story:

"A year ago, I was at desperation point when I had to buy 42-inch waist suit trousers. LiveWell helped me to explore my options and offered me a three-month kick start at Slimming World. I enjoy live music events and going to the pub for drinks; the weight-gain and inactivity sort of crept up on me.

I drank too much alcohol and had unhealthy eating habits. Pastry is such a bad thing, it's all those pies, pasties and sausage rolls!

My start weight was nearly 17 stone, but two months in and I had lost a stone, and another by Christmas! I enjoyed talking with my Slimming World group; sharing ideas, success and struggles. I was concerned it would all go downhill at Christmas, but by making the right choices and tracking my alcohol consumption and treats; I was able to keep shedding the pounds in the new year. My mum's reaction when I rocked up for Christmas lunch was a picture!

My target weight was 14 stone and I got there eventually. I've received a bunch of certificates tracking my progress! The milestones really encouraged me, I received four 'Slimmer of the Week' awards; a couple of 'Slimmer of the Month' ones and even 'Mr Sleek 2017'! My lowest weight was 13 stone 13lbs, a loss of over three stone.

Now, I'm armed with bananas rather than crisps. I eat fruit and porridge for breakfast religiously and totally cut sugary fruit juice and squash. The biggest difference was ditching bread and I really don't miss it. I eat rice, couscous and salad for lunch, and skip the pastry! I do miss magnum ice creams however!

I'm getting back into nice shirts I haven't been able to wear in a long time and have had to buy new belts and trousers. Exercise is so much easier, I swim twice a week and find walking up hills is easier and quicker! I walk before work a few days a week as I sit at a desk a lot. The ease of pressure on my joints is noticeable – my knees have appreciated the change. My blood pressure is much better, though I do keep an eye on it.

Some of the guys in the office are like "how have you done that?!" It makes for great lunch time chat. I'm looking forward to Glastonbury with a next year, its 50th anniversary. When I came back from Glasto last year, I was at my heaviest so that'll be a good landmark."

Take your next step towards healthy living by registering today

Read more stories on LiveWell Dorset's website.

New tool to empower Dorset to get healthy

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