Blog: “I now feel confident to go out on my own”

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Blog: “I now feel confident to go out on my own”

Posted: Fri, 31 Aug 2018 14:13

Blog: “I now feel confident to go out on my own”

Hey, my name is Gabrielle aka "Gabs the Boxer", I'm 14 and live in Poole with my mum, brother Andre and twin sister Serena. I have mild cerebral palsy.

I began kickboxing five years ago but now I specialise in boxing with my coach, Mo Kargbo and I have a sponsor, Luxurycare.

I train with my sister once a week and also my mum. My brother also sometimes comes in on the training sessions. The rest of the time I train in a group, or I do a training session on my own.

To enhance my training I've recently joined a leisure centre and my coach has given me a training schedule to stick to and follow. So, my training schedule is quite hectic but I love it!

Since going to the gym, starting kickboxing and then going on to specialising in boxing the transformation on my physical and mental wellbeing has been incredible. It's because of this that through motivation, dedication and self-belief on Saturday 28 July I had my first boxing match and I won! My ultimate goal is to fight at elite level.

I enjoy everything about being active, it makes me feel confident and happy and I like the overall feeling of achievement.

I remember when my mum took me to my first kickboxing class five years ago at the Primitive Gym – I've never looked back. Boxing supports me in my daily life. It helps me to improve my movement coordination and self-esteem. I now feel confident to go out on my own, whereas before I wouldn't.

During training I really enjoy exercising but sometimes it can get hard, regardless I always feel great afterwards and want to do another session. Training does make me feel happy and I love it.

My advice to other disabled people who are wanting to get into exercising or a sport but are unsure is – whether it's boxing or something else, always stick to something you love doing, even when it gets hard. Never let anyone say you can't do something. Believe in yourself, stay committed and though it may be a long journey, trust me in the end it will all be worth it.

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