Preventing Indecent Images of Children Campaign

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Preventing Indecent Images of Children Campaign

Posted: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 10:22

HMG in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation, Marie Collins Foundation and the NSPCC has developed a campaign aimed to help young men navigate the internet safely and responsibly and prevent viewing of sexual online content of under 18s. This is in response to research that found that not all young men are aware that viewing sexual images or videos of someone under 18 online is illegal and some also do not see viewing content as harmful or even relevant to them.

The campaign intends to build young men's knowledge of the laws regarding sexual images/videos of children, increase their understanding of the ongoing harm caused to victims and equip them with the knowledge of how to report sexual images/videos they think may be of under 18s to the Internet Watch Foundation help prevent further viewing. The NSPCC/ CPSU would ask NGBs and CSPs to consider promoting the important messages of the campaign including:

    • Looking at sexual images/videos of under-18s is illegal, regardless of how old they "look"
    • These images/videos involve real children and young people, and viewing them causes further harm
    • If you encounter sexual images of children online, please report to the IWF. Reporting only takes a few minutes and can be done completely anonymously.

The campaign has a range of films and other communications that were created and tested with input from the target audience.

More information on the campaign and further sources of support for anyone impacted by these issues can be found here.

Tags: Marie Collins Foundation, NSPCC, The Internet Watch Foundation, safeguarding

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