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Dorset Summer School Games – SEN Schools Super 6 Athletics

Posted: Fri, 09 Jun 2017 10:25

Dorset Summer School Games – SEN Schools Super 6 Athletics

Week commencing 5th June was predicted to be wet and windy, except for the Wednesday. Luckily the weather forecast turned out to be right and it was a sunny day meaning the athletics competition for SEN Schools could go ahead, albeit a tad breezy.

Four schools competed – Beaucroft, Westfield, Winchelsea and Yewstock – but many were unable to field a full team as so often happens on the day. Everyone was down to compete in one track event, one field event and a relay but with many places missing a competitor, intrepid athletes from all schools took on more events to make sure there was a meaningful competition. And with a bevy of young leaders from Corfe Hills School taking on the mantle of officials it ensured the event went smoothly.

The athletes competed in the spirit of the School Games and embraced the values of honesty, determination, passion, respect, self-belief and teamwork. It was uplifting to see them all with smiles on their faces whatever position they finished in. Eventual winners were Yewstock with Westfield in 2nd place, Beaucroft in 3rd and Winchelsea 4th and medals were also awarded to the first three in each of the track and field events

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