New Multi-Sport Hub at Winton & Glenmoor Academies

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New Multi-Sport Hub at Winton & Glenmoor Academies

Posted: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 12:00

New Multi-Sport Hub at Winton & Glenmoor Academies

Dorset's third Your Sport Hub opens at Winton & Glenmoor Academies, offering a variety of sports for participants to try in a social environment.

Your Sport Hubs are produced by Active Dorset as part of the Satellite Clubs scheme run by Sport England. Satellite Clubs are extensions or outposts of community sports clubs which are established in a new venue, usually a secondary school or college. Their purpose is to grow the number of young people playing sport as well as reducing the number of young people dropping out.

Active Dorset have produced a new Your Sport Hub at Winton and Glenmoor School on Friday evenings, 5.30-7pm, for students aged 11 years and older. All sessions are free and it is a chance for students to participate in an activity that they might not have tried before, meet new friends and adapt to a new hobby.

There are two lead facilitators that run the sessions weekly and they provide music, equipment for different activities and an energetic personality. We have made the sessions available for the community so students have the opportunity to invite their siblings, friends outside of school and other family relatives to enjoy the start of their weekend.

Lead facilitator Lewis Cave commented; "Running the hubs gives back to the community and the students by allowing them to try new sports they wouldn't have tried before. I feel this opportunity gives the students the chance to develop themselves via sport learning qualities such as creativity and communication. I would advise everyone to come to the club on a Friday 5:30-7."

Your Sport Hubs, funded by Sport England, intend to grow the number of young people playing sport by offering a range of sports and activities within a social environment with the aim to open more hubs across Dorset.

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