Children & Adult Safeguarding Policies

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Children & Adult Safeguarding Policies

Posted: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 13:23

Children & Adult Safeguarding Policies

Active Dorset has had for many years one safeguarding policy covering children and vulnerable adults, now more commonly referred to as adults at risk. We have, however, recognised that there are some very fundamental differences in that there are more categories of abuse for adults at risk, the different Care Acts that underpin them and the need to seek consent if there is a need to report allegations/incidents of abuse. Consequently, we have produced separate policies, both of which are available to download from our website -

A number of National Governing Bodies have also produced a Safeguarding Adults Policy but many have not so if your club accommodates adults at risk you may wish to consult with your NGB as to whether there is one available. If there isn't one clubs are welcome to adopt our policy.

For more information, please contact Tony Jones-Pert;

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