Active Dorset recommends GoodGym Volunteering Initiative

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Active Dorset recommends GoodGym Volunteering Initiative

Posted: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 11:47

Active Dorset recommends GoodGym Volunteering Initiative

In essence GoodGym, Bournemouth is a group of runners who get fit and do good. They run every Wednesday evening to a location where a task/odd job needs completing. 15ish runners then use their energy to complete the task before running back. They are always looking for tasks to keep us busy and contribute to making Bournemouth an even better place to live - more information below about the types of projects the runners would like.

If you have a project in mind for the group, please contact: Lydia Turnbull - / 0203 432 3920

Location: They meet at Boscombe pier and due to time constraint the location must be within 5km of the pier to give them time to run there, complete the task and run back within 90 minutes.

Time available: the group meets between 7pm and 9pm and this has to include running time and time to do the task. They have 30-40minutes to complete tasks, usually arriving 6:50pm and leaving 7.30pm - sounds like a short period of time but with 15 people working full effort, they get a lot done!

No. of people? Usually they have about 15 people. We need to complete a task in the same location as the group cannot split up. But if there is not enough work for 15 people we split the group and half complete the task while the other half do some fitness, then they swap over.

Types of tasks: They like manual, low skill tasks such as gardening, litter picks, distributing flyers, moving furniture, painting, cleaning. We ask that the location provide any tools needed to complete the task as we cannot carry these while running. We do carry our own first aid kit and a load of gardening gloves.

Have a look at what we have been up to here.

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