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Slades Park Pavilion FAQs

When will the Pavilion be open?

The first public day is Monday 27thMay and the Pavilion will then be open for access to the toilets and the vending machine every weekday between 9am and 4.30pm.

Is there a Café in the Pavilion?

All the developments at Slades are driven by locally expressed need and the café can be a great facility for us all. However, this entirely dependent upon us having volunteers to help open and run it. Then the café can be open during the week and at the weekend.

Can I volunteer in the Pavilion?

Yes please! All volunteers are very welcome and will be supported by Active Dorset to help deliver the café operation and some of the wider activities in the park

Please contact Maria Wilson, our Pavilion Manager, on 07753 274098 for a chat or email her at mwilson@activedorset.org

What will the café sell?

Initially we will be selling teas and coffee, cakes, biscuits, ice creams and sandwiches. However this is subject to change and we may well offer other items if there is demand for them.

How do people pay in the Café?

We are a completely cashless facility and will accept debit and credit cards, EMV chip cards or mobile payment apps. No cash is used or kept within the building

Is my dog allowed inside the building?

Oh Yes, dog walking is a major part of Slades, all dogs on leads are welcome in the Pavilion and there is a dog friendly water fountain near the main entrance

Are there bike stands available?

Yes, there are bike stands outside the Bournemouth Velodrome and the Community Centre. In the interest of safety, no bikes or scooters will be allowed inside the building.

How can I find out what is happening at Slades?

  • Facebook: Slades Park
  • Twitter: @SladesPark
  • Instagram: @SladesPark1

For any enquiries, please email us at info@activedorset.org