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Groove Child® is a structured but highly creative dance class that believes in the power of imaginative movement to help children ‘find their own groove' as unique individuals.

Groove Child is a dance syllabus that offers teachers a refreshing approach. Children grow and develop best when they feel emotionally safe and confident to be themselves, and when there is less fear around making a mistake. We wanted to create exercises that harnessed this 'whole child' approach in the dance studio, whilst keeping the quality of learning high.

The syllabus is designed to nurture more enjoyment, confidence, musicality and performance in your dancers, in a way that allows you to praise and celebrate their individuality. Split over 6 age levels, it provides you with an inspiring mix of free and set work to increase the holistic development of your students aged 3-18yrs.

'Holistic' or whole child development to us means helping children build not only confidence but a deeper more positive sense of self – no matter how talented or skilled they are technically. It means maximising the power dance has a vehicle for a healthy mind, and for so much more learning to happen, such as communication, sharing ideas, working with others, learning to be mindful, problem solving, learning about emotions and feelings, and so much more.

Created by UK dance teachers, and with professionally produced accompanying music, Groove Child can be run as additional weekly classes that work in harmony with your current timetable. These classes are also great for welcoming in NEW children to the world of dance!

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