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What is Golf?

Golf is an adaptable game that it suits everyone, whatever their age, fitness level or ability. Whether you want to keep healthy, burn calories or spend time with friends, golf is for you.

The game is steeped in tradition. The rules are uniform the world over and the unique handicapping system allows people of different abilities to play with and against each other. The game is a stimulating challenge combined with getting out in the fresh air in pleasant surroundings. Golf is not only enjoyable, it is an excellent way of exercising, as an average 18 holes usually involves walking between six and seven kilometres!

The Golf Foundation is a charity committed to giving children and young people the opportunity to experience golf and the benefits it has to offer.


Keeps you active
Golf can help keep you active, burn calories, stay in shape, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and research shows it may even help you live longer. Playing 18-holes will burn at least 900 calories and will take you more than ten thousand steps.

Natural feel-good factor

Outdoor exercise in a green space can help reduce stress levels, enhance mood and even improve your self-esteem. You'll find it far easier to stick with outdoor exercise, like golf, because it's more appealing and fun than an indoor workout

Support and friendship
With plenty of time for conversation and fun, golf is a great way to meet new people and spend quality time with friends or family. Golf has a unique ability to create networks that will enhance life with friendship and support. It also gives the vital 'me time' that is needed to stay happy and healthy.

Learn something new

Learning something new can help you gain a sense of achievement, purpose and confidence and can positively effect wellbeing. Golf helps people set targets and achieve them, which can create positive feelings of accomplishment.

Game for all
Golf is such an adaptable game that it suits all – whatever their age, fitness level or ability. The unique handicap system means everybody can play together, either socially or competitively. It is so flexible that you can play a full 18 holes or just 9, giving you all the game in half the time.


Taster sessions and beginner courses are not as expensive as you might think, and there are driving ranges available across the country. The majority of beginner courses will provide equipment, and clubs are available to rent at most golf courses.


If you have never played golf before, or are just a bit rusty, Get into golf is the best starting point for you. The sessions are fun and sociable and held in a relaxed atmosphere where you'll learn the basics and find out about follow-on opportunities. They can help you find an activity near you, as well as guiding you on what to wear, the etiquette and rules of game.


Once you are experienced enough to go out on the golf course you will need a golf bag:

  • Spare golf balls
  • Spare tees
  • Pencil for scoring
  • Pen for marking golf balls
  • Golf ball marker
  • Umbrella
  • Towel for cleaning clubs
  • Waterproofs - possibly!
  • Pitch mark repairer
  • Drink
  • Snack bar(s)
  • Golf Rule Book


  • The Ryder Cup is made out of gold and stands 17 inches tall, 9 inches wide and weighs 4 pounds. That makes it slightly taller and heavier than the trophy awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup.

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