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Circuit Training

Circuit Training involves performing exercises on stations, covering all aspects of fitness, strength, stamina and co-ordination.

An Overview of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning using high-intensity aerobics. An exercise circuit is one completion of all exercises in the program. Following completion of one circuit, all exercises are performed again to complete a total of 2-6 circuits.


  • Improves mobility, strength and stamina
  • Develops strength and endurance
  • Appropriate form of training for most sports
  • Can be adjusted to suit age, fitness and health of the athlete
  • A wide range of exercises to select from which will maintain enthusiasm

Find Circuit Training Activities Near You

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Better Health

Sat, 01 Aug 2020

Your health matters. There has never been a better time to kickstart your health.

Jurassic Coast Raptors

Jurassic Coast Raptors is an American Football team registered to BAFA. We play League Games between April and September and are based in the Dorchester/ Weymouth area of Dorset. We also promote sport locally through our coaching and recruitment programs

Rabble Bournemouth

A Rabble session is an hour of outdoor immersive team games. Each game disguises high intensity intervals within the games, giving you an effective all-body workout that's fun & social.

There are hundreds of games to try out, and they allow people of

Ferndown Leisure Centre

A leisure centre catering for all ages and abilities

BH Live

BH Live is the south coast’s leading operator of leisure and event venues; a social enterprise that designs and builds engaging experiences to inspire people and enrich lives.

Stokewood Leisure Centre

The Quest-accredited Stokewood Leisure Centre is our community centre in the Winton/Charminster area of Bournemouth. It includes a pool, sauna and over 60 weekly fitness classes, a spin studio and gym.

Borough Of Poole Turlin Moor Youth Centre

TMYC is an open access youth centre providing positive activities for young people aged 10-19

BRS Coaching Academy

At BRS it is our goal to inspire the next generation of young athletes, of all abilities. Using our PPA sessions in schools, football centres and Multi-sports holiday camps to encourage a healthy, positive lifestyle & most importantly nurturing a desire f

Arena Amateur Boxing Club, Bournemouth

Arena Boxing is a Fully Licensed Amateur Boxing Association of England Club.
We are a Voluntary Run, Not For Profit, Youth Organisation.
We provide a friendly, disciplined and professional environment
where Students learn to box to the highest standard

Circuit Training for Beginners to Exercise and People over the age of 60

Circuit Training for Beginners to Exercise and People over the age of 60

Ideal for active and able ladies and gentlemen wanting to improve / maintain general health and strength.
During the session we:
> begin with a warm up
> perform the circuit by alternating cardiovascular exercise and hand weights exercises
> end with a cool down

In the cool down we include:
> balance and co-ordination exercises
> flexibility stretches
We also arrange social activities.